Brooks PureFlow 4 Running Shoe Review


One thing any runner cannot ignore is the important of having running shoes. Running shoes are a must. They keep your feet protected and also improve your running but having any running shoe is not the solution. You need to have the right running shoes and to help you get the right running shoes below in this article I have covered for you important details of a running shoe I really like which is the Brooks PureFlow 4 running shoes. Although the previous versions of the shoe such as the PureFlow 2, 3 have been slightly disappointing the PureFlow 4 is nothing like them is so far the best version.


The weight of the Brooks PureFlow 4 men’s category with a size of 9 is 8.9 oz. The shoe is definitely quite light making running even more comfortable for you.  Details of the stack heights are as follows, the height of the heel is 22 mm whereas the height of forefoot is 18 mm.

Upper and the fitting of the shoe

As compared to the PureFlow 2 or 3 the fit of the PureFlow 4 was way better. I have run a lot of miles in these shoes in the last month and trust me they have been very comfortable. Keep in mind that the Brooks PureFlow 4 is not a wide shoe and does not come with a large upper but you will note feel any squeezing, pain, etc. when you run. The look this shoe is also amazing. Personally I prefer the red and black color combination but in case you do not like it there are other colors also that you can opt for.

As for the inside of the shoe the lining that has been given on the inside in very relaxing and smooth. The material that has been used in that region is quite good. Apart from that the tongue is also padded nicely and lacing is also up to the mark.

The only change here that I would love to see is a little reduction in weight and also less complication. The one thing that will ensure these things is the removal of the Nav band.



Sole of the shoes

The best feature of the Brooks PureFlow 4 is the sole of the shoe. The sole of this shoe ensures you get a soft and comfortable run. It comes with a BioMogo-DNA blend midsole which ensure each impact is smooth and that it does not slow you down in any way.

Another feature I love about the sole is the rounded heel. The advantage of this is that it helps reduce weight of the shoe. This is one of the only shoes with this design. The only problem regarding the sole of this shoe is that there are no rubber out soles which makes is prone to wear and tear when used roughly.



If you are training for a marathon the Brooks PureFlow 4 is the right shoe for you because is lightweight and will help you run longer rather than faster. Another advantage of this shoe is that is it relatively cheap and will cost you around $110.

Skechers GoRun Strada Running Shoe Review


Well if you are serious about running then I am sure you understand the importance of having the right running shoes and the running shoes that I would recommend to you are the Skechers GoRun Strada running shoes.

I have been using these shoes for quite a few months now and have covered many miles and I have to say so far they have done quite well. They are not only comfortable but also durable.

Below I have covered a few other details about the Skechers GoRun Strada running shoes that you must know about before you buy one.


The weight of the Skechers GoRun Strada running shoes in men’s category with a size of 10 is 10.5 oz. which means it is quite light and will make running easier for you.  As for the stack heights of the shoe, the height of the heel is 25mm and the height of the forefoot is 17mm.

Upper and the fitting of the shoe

If you have worn a shoe from the Skechers Performance Division before you will know that the  comes with a lot more upper than any other shoe.

The mid region of this shoe is made by stitched overlays. As for the heel of the shoes it comes with a semi-firm counter and is lined on the exterior using an overlay of a material that is quite similar to rubber.

On the inside you will find that not only is the ankle collar of the shoe is quite well padded but similar padding has been provided in the tongue too.  The best part of the upper of this shoe is that it safely locks down the feet.

These are perfect even as a pair of trail running shoes. However, if you’re planning to do any heavy lifting then you should probably get a good pair of weight lifting shoes.

Apart from that, there is ample leg space inside the shoe to keep your legs comfortable while running. Personally I like the upper provided in this show but in case you prefer a shoes with slightly less upper then you should look for something else.


Sole of the shoes

Apart from the upper another great feature of this shoe is its sole. It is quite soft especially under the heel region and the best part is that it does not lose the softness even when the temperature reduces during the winters.

Another good feature of the sole is that it is made using foams that have a different amount of hardness. The white color foam is the softer part while the black color foam is the slightly harder foam. The only problem with the sole is that it does not come with a rubber out sole and thus can wear down a little if you scuff on the road.




If you are happy with the upper of the shoe then the Skechers GoRun Strada is one shoe you should definitely have. This shoes will cost you around $130 which although might seem a lot initially but once you start using the shoes daily you will realize that you have in fact made the right choice.


Medicine Ball Workouts for runners


Medicine balls have been used by runners for many years now and are excellent and easy to use exercise equipments. The biggest advantage of a medicine ball is that it is cheap and you can use it from your home itself. They are easy to carry and you do not need any specific skills or knowledge to use it. Below in this article I have covered a few medicine ball workouts for all runners.


For this exercise you will need to be in a prone position and place your hands on the medicine ball right below your shoulders. Note that it will be your hands and your legs that will take the entire weight of your body. You need to continue this exercise for about a minute. You can take this exercise up a notch by raising your hands up and behind you. Then return to initial pose and do it with your other arm. This is quite a difficult exercise and only do it is your body can handle it.



Rocky Solo

For this exercise you will need to be in a sitting position and keep your legs stretched in front. Now hold the medicine ball over your legs with both of your hands. Now turn upper body towards the right and then move the ball towards the back and put it there. Now what you have to do is turn your body to the left, then lift the ball once again and return to the initial pose. That is 1 rep. To complete this exercise you should do at least 15-20 reps.


For this exercise you will have to lie down on the ground on your back and keep your legs stretched in front. Now hold the medicine ball in your hands and keep them stretched over your head. Once you do that, with your core engaged in one easy movement raise your legs and also the medicine ball in such a way that they form a V pose. Once you do that move your hands and your legs to the initial position. You should do at least 10-15 reps of this exercise.



Hot Salsa

With the medicine ball held over your head you will need to lunge ahead with either your left leg. When you do that move the medicine ball towards the right knee. Now move your body weight onto your right foot and then raise your body to a running pose and while you do that move the medicine ball into the initial pose. Now you need to do the same thing with your other leg. Also make sure your back is straight. You should do at least 10 reps.

Twisting Lunge

With both your hands stretched out hold the ball in front of you. Now lunge forward and while doing that twist your waist. If you lunge with your left leg turn your torso also to the left. Then move to the initial pose and repeat with the opposite side. You should do at least 20 reps.


Learn the exercises through the video given below

[For Marathon Runners] Stay Motivated, Run Faster, Run Longer!

Americans Meb Keflezighi, second from right, and Ryan Hall, center, lead the New York City Marathon, Sunday, Nov. 1, 2009. Keflezighi won the race and Hall was fourth. Kenya's Robert Cheruiyot, left, was second. (AP Photo/Henny Ray Abrams)

Irrespective of whether you have just started running or whether you have been running for quite a long time now or even if you not run for some time now, you can run an entire marathon and to help you do that below in this article I have covered some basic tips.

Staying Motivated

Working on your physical stamina is important but along with that you also need to work on your mental stamina. You may easily get motivated to run but the hard part is to remain motivated for a long time. Staying motivated is important because only then you will be able to have fun training and running. Most people give up thinking that running a marathon is too difficult but if you have the right mind-set trust me you will be able to complete it.

Set proper goals for yourself

When you set goals for yourself it is important that they are the right ones. If the main goal of entering a marathon is to lose weight then you are going about it wrong. People who think of marathons as a way to lose weight usually give up quite early. It is similar to people joining gym and then leaving them as soon as they get a little thinner. When it comes to marathons you should have proper goals like finish time goals and other training related goals.

You need to have the right gear

The most important part of the gear is the running shoes. Irrespective of whether you have anything else or not you must have at least 2-3 pairs of running shoes. Running shoes are a must because they are designed to keep your feet protected from injuries. These shoes come with various arches, pronation etc. in order to keep your feet comfortable while running. Running shoes enhance your running capabilities. Check out the best shoes online or through a good shop near your house.


Maintain a good diet

To run a marathon you need to eat well but make sure you do not over eat. Another mistake runner make is that they leave out breakfast of their diet which is wrong. You must have a healthy breakfast. Carbs are very important because they provide your body the fuel it needs to run. To run a marathon you need to ensure 65% of your calories are provided by carbohydrates. 10% of it should be through proteins. The remaining calories should be provided by unsaturated fats.


Recovery is also important

Yes to complete a marathon you need to practice running but you should not neglect the importance of recovery. You do not have to go out and run every day. Your body needs to become stronger from one run to another and that can only happen if it gets proper rest. To make sure you recover well you need to have a good and proper diet. Keep in mind that recovering is as important as running so make sure you don’t avoid it.

Need motivation?

5 Tips to Train Better and My Word on Avoid OverTraining

Whether you are training yourself for a short marathon or a very long marathon there is one thing that you must avoid and that is over-training yourself. The problem with over-training is that it will not give your body enough time to recover and you might end of with a serious injury. To help you avoid over-training, below in this article I have covered for you a few tips that you will find helpful.

Maintain your training schedule

I am sure you have a training schedule but the important thing is that you follow that schedule. If you feel tired after you run the distance as per your schedule then do not run anymore.

Most training programs are made to help you increase the speed and mileage over a certain period and that is why you should stick to them You may feel comfortable running longer on one run but then you will find it difficult on the next run which is something you must avoid.

I generally prefer to alternate my cardio training between outdoors running and a rowing machine at home for the rainy days.

Consistency is important while running.

Give your body proper recovery time

One aspect of training that most people tend to ignore very often is recovery. Recovery is as important as the run itself. Your body needs to recover after one workout so that it has enough strength for the next workout.

In case you ignore the recovery part of each workout and continue over-training yourself you will definitely end up with a serious injury.

If you are a trained professional it is ok to work out 2-3 times a day but if you are not you should workout only once. To recover well you can eat a snack with carbs within half an hour of your run.


You should be able to talk while running

One way to know that you are not over-training yourself is to note whether you are able to talk when you run or not.

In case you are able to talk properly then you are running at a good pace but if you have trouble talking then either you are running faster than you should or you are running a little too much. Either one of the 2 things is bad for you and must be avoided.

In case you did not know this, it is a running rule that you should be able to talk to a person and also breathe easily when you run.

Get a heart rate tracker

One of the best ways to know whether you are over training yourself or not is to get a tracker that shows various types of info like your heart rate, distance etc.

Your heart rate should not go more than 70-80%. Keep in mind that when you run you do not end up increasing mileage in a day or 2.

It needs a lot of time and patience. You need consistency and you need to be smart about it. Over-training is only going to impact your schedule negatively so make sure you avoid it.



How to safely increase your running mileage


As you continue to run you will get stronger and better and at some point of time would want to increase the distance you run but you need to do it safely.

Below in this article I have covered a few ways you can increase your running distance without causing any harm to your body.

How to safely increase your running mileage

As you continue to run you will get stronger and better and at some point of time would want to increase the distance you run but you need to do it safely.

Below in this article I have covered a few ways you can increase your running distance without causing any harm to your body.

Newbies should not worry about the 10% rule

If you have just begun running then you should not worry too much about the 10% rule. Initially you should concentrate of running regularly and letting your body get used to it.

You do not have to increase mileage each week. Initially you should run for 2-3 days in a week for about 2-4 miles. Continue this for at least 2-3 weeks and after this if you feel you can increase your mileage then instead of instead of running longer you should add another day to your schedule.

Experiences runners should follow the 10% rule as per schedule

If you have been running for many years now then you can follow the 10% rule and add mileage according to it or you can add another day of running to your schedule.

The advantage of this is that it increases your running by 15-20% which is more than the 10% rule. Just make sure you do not go beyond a limit because then you may tire yourself and also be prone to injuries.

It will also make your running workouts less efficient.


Runner Running 620w

Forget about the 10% rule if you have are running after a break

In case you could run for a week or 2 due to injury and are now ready to return to running then you should forget about the 10% rule. In case you ran for about 35-40 miles before getting injured then you need not start at the same rate.

What you can do here is start at about 15-20 miles for a week or 2 till you get used to it again and then straight jump to the 35-40 mile you used to run before the injury. You do not have to follow the 10% rule here.

Be careful when you run longer than usual

When you increase your mileage you need to be a little extra careful because you put your body in some danger because it takes time for the body to adjust to the new running mileage.

It is important that you give your body enough adjustment time if you are running longer then before. To be more specific if you have been running for more than 40-50 miles each week your body needs at least 2-4 weeks of adjustment time before you increase it any further.

In case any part of your body hurts then consider reducing your mileage before you end up with a serious injury. It is better to run less than not run at all.

Struggling to build your running stamina?

5 Paleo food items that are good for runners preparing for a marathon


In case you do not know what a Paleo diet means note that a paleo diet is a diet based on eating food items such as grains beans etc. rather than the junk food we end up eating nowadays. For runners eating a few paleo diet food items is good and below in this article I have covered 5 Paleo food items that you must try to remain fit.

Replace bread with red quinoa

Quinoa is a grain and the advantage of eating this is that is contains more carbohydrates and nutrients as compared to some of the other grains that are available. These carbs get absorbed quite slowly in your blood stream and provide your body the energy it needs to complete a run. The problem with red quinoa is that they are a little hard to find. In case you do not get it at a local grocery store, try out online sites like amazon. If you still do not find it then you should switch to wild rice.


Replace white potatoes with yams or sweet potatoes

In case you are worried about your sugar levels then you should stop white potatoes because the sugar it contains gets absorbed quite fast and leads to a higher sugar level in the body. Yams and sweet potatoes on the other hand do not increase your sugar levels that quickly and also provide your body with more nutrients which makes it easier for you to run longer. Another reason to switch to yams and sweet potatoes is that they taste much better than sweet potatoes.


Replace spaghetti with spaghetti squash

If you really like a paleo diet one of the best ways to switch to it is by switching from something like spaghetti to a vegetable. The best part about spaghetti squash is that is easy to cook and can be easily cooked in the microwave itself. Apart from that it is also quite tasty and I am sure you will love eating it. Try it along with some sauce and some chicken to make it better.

Replace tortilla chips with plantain chips

Instead of buying tortilla chips you should get plantain chips next time. These chips are healthier and provide your body with more nutrients. Apart from that another benefit of plantain chips is that you can very easily make them at home itself. All you need is a food dehydrator and an oven. Plantain chips taste good and to make them better you can also eat them with salsa or any meat sauce that you like.


Replace peanut butter with other nut butters

There are loads of other butter that you can use instead of peanut butter. Butter made of almond, cashew, or sunflower seed is an excellent alternative to peanut butter. They are as tasty as peanut butter and are also healthier. In case you do not want to switch then you should consider buying natural peanut butter since it does not have vegetable oil.

5 Steps to Stay Safe When Preparing for your Next Marathon

When you run you need to ensure you do it safely. If you run without any safety you may end up with an injury and an injury can have a negative impact on your running goals.

To ensure that does not happen, below in this article I have covered for you a few safety tips you must follow.


Carry proper IDs with you

If you have just started running I would advise you to carry a proper identification card with you. This will prove to be handy in case of any kind of emergency.

If you lose your consciousness having a proper identification will help doctors and hospital staff know important details about you like your name, age etc. Apart from that it will also help them reach your emergency contact.

Make sure along with you identification card you also carry your blood group type. This will ensure you get quick treatment.

If you’re prepping for your first marathon then you should probably read this prep guide by Greatist. They’ve covered some interesting points.

Avoid carrying headphones every time

Listening to music while you run is fun but it can be dangerous too. Avoid carrying your headphone as often as possible because listening to music while running reduces your chances of being able to hear what is happing is places close to you.


If you wear headphones and run you might not hear the oncoming cars behind you in case you run on the road. Apart from that you might also not be able to hear someone following you and thus it is best to avoid listening to songs while running.

Run towards the traffic

Well if you have been running away from the traffic so far it would be best to change sides and actually run towards the traffic.

The advantage of running towards the traffic is that you are able to see what is coming in the lane next to you. Knowing what is coming will help you take evasive action in case something goes wrong.

If you run with your back towards the traffic you won’t be able to see what is coming behind you which is not very safe.

Know your routes well

The last thing you want to do is get lost while you are on a run and to make sure that it does not happen the best thing you can do is plan your run along routes that you already know quite well.

In case you do not know any route really well then it would be much better if you take a ride along a specific route first and check out the sidewalk and ensure that there is enough place for you to run safely.

Keep an eye on the surroundings

It is good to concentrate on the running and it is also ok if you really want to hear some music but make sure you do not lose track of things around you.

Always make sure you keep an eye out on things and people near you. To stay safe you need to be observant of the places close to you.